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Holiday Cheer

Monday, December 20th, 2010

If this doesn’t make you giggle, you are in dire need of an attitude adjustment.

American Culture and the Antisocial

Thursday, December 16th, 2010

I usually use this blog to talk about books or some other creative process. However, I’ve been reading with interest the discussion some author friends of mine have been having regarding antisocial behavior in America and how one in twenty-five Americans are sociopaths (ie: without conscience). It’s a chilling thought.

Author Athol Dickson (who writes the most glorious prose ever) had this to say:

‘Theorists explain that the American culture, which holds individualism as a central value, tends to foster the development of antisocial behavior, and also to disguise it.’

“If one in twenty-five Americans are anti-social, whose fault could that be except those who are supposed to be the salt and light, but who have lost their saltiness?

“We begin well, with the idea that every person must have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. That Biblically correct idea was imported to these shores from Europe and the Middle East, and it stands at the center of the “rugged individualism” which built this America. But the abuse of that idea stands at the center of the selfish individualism which is bringing Western culture down, because from that good beginning we Protestants have moved on to distortions.

“We meet Christ as individuals, as it must be, but we remain individuals when we ought instead to go on to lose ourselves in Him. Our pews are filled with “baby Christians,” and we behave as if this is normal. It is not normal. It is a radical distortion of the Gospel to sit there week after week receiving the Word as if it was a self-help book, rather than a guidebook for giving oneself totally to God and neighbor, yet self-help is exactly what is on the minds of most of us each Sunday.

“Jesus taught us that Biblical principles supersede the letter of the law. In our own self-interest we have warped His teaching to the point of treating Biblical commands as if they were a smorgasbord of options. Are the Bible’s teachings on sex inconvenient? Are its teachings on marriage difficult? Is it painful to tithe? Is it uncomfortable to befriend the widow and the orphan (and the drunk and the mentally ill)? In all these areas and many more, our clever theologians now use the Bible to prove that the Bible does not mean what the Bible says, especially when what the Bible says requires discipline or suffering for the sake of Jesus Christ.

“Rather than take God at His word and submit ourselves to serve wherever and however He requires, we have transformed His Body into a social club, or an NGO involved in (arm’s length) charity work, or a self-help group, or a child care center, or a dating scene, or anything else which fulfills something we now like to call a “felt need.”

“And worst of all, when we have a moment’s clarity to see that something is not right, we stand back and accuse the church of failing, as if the “church” was something different from ourselves.

“Pockets of genuine submission exist, of course, but the Western world desperately needs a wholesale revival of authentic, sacrificial faith in Jesus Christ. Until that day it should come as no surprise that one in twenty-five of us might be anti-social. The real surprise would be if one in twenty-five of us was not.”

It made me wince.

And then I prayed to be better.

Letters in the Attic – New Interview

Monday, December 13th, 2010

Christian author Lena Nelson Dooley was nice enough to feature my latest book, Letters in the Attic on her blog.

Check it out HERE.

Simon’s Cat Celebrates Christmas

Monday, December 13th, 2010

Anyone who has or knows a cat can relate to Simon’s Cat.

Here he is enjoying the Christmas tree:

How To Gift Wrap A Cat

Sunday, December 5th, 2010

In this Christmas season, there are always certain special presents that are difficult to wrap.

I found THIS VIDEO very helpful.

The cat is evidently enjoying it. And it made Elliot laugh.