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New Interview

Thursday, January 27th, 2011

As noted earlier, an excerpt from In Honor Bound was chosen to compete in the Clash of the Titles “Most Gut Wrenching” competition. Once the voting closed, they identified the two competitors and posted interviews with them. Mine is here.

Tomorrow they announce the winner.

Wish me (and Philip) luck!

Black and White and Read All Over!

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

About five years ago, I designed a quilt incorporating some of my favorite quotes about writing. Since I was piecing the words out of individual letters, I tried to keep the quotes short, but I still ended up with a pretty big quilt. For about four years, it was waiting to be quilted by the wonderful quilter I had used many times before. Sadly, she decided to retire, so she returned the quilt to me. Fortunately, I heard about the wonderful Richard Larsen of the Quilting Design Studio. He did an absolutely gorgeous job for me. Isn’t it great?

Black and White and Read All Over

I love these quotes on writing, especially the Emerson one:






The detail in the quilting is just wonderful:

This is the back of one of the stars showing the beautiful quilting.

A gorgeous feathered square.

I love this tiny stippling!

Aren't the feathers lovely?

I even got him to hide little outlines of my cats in the stippling.





I still have to trim the excess batting and backing (all the white around the edges) and add the binding, but that shouldn’t take long. I’m so pleased with all of it. Thanks, Richard!

Welcome Henrietta Whiskers!

Monday, January 24th, 2011

Anne Sutton of Bunny Hill Designs is one of my very favorite people. No only does she make the cutest applique-intensive quilt patterns, she offers a FREE block-of-the-month pattern each year. This year’s is the very precious Henrietta Whiskers.

Here’s Anne’s sample Block One:

I love her fabrics, but I decided (in my attempt at frugality) to use fabrics from my own stash, so here’s what I came up with:

Henrietta Whiskers - Block One

Here’s a closeup of just the applique. I’ve always struggled with inside points, so all those leaves Henrietta is holding were a great skill builder for me.

Henrietta Whiskers - Block One - Closeup

Anyway, if you’re an appliquer, you probably are already familiar with Bunny Hill. If not, check out all the lovely patterns and fabrics. They’re SO sweet.

I can hardly wait until the fifth of February so I can see Block Two!

Clash of the Titles

Friday, January 21st, 2011

I had the honor of having a scene from In Honor Bound chosen to compete in the current Clash of the Titles, this one for “Most Gut-Wrenching Scene.” The competitors are kept secret until the voting is closed, so I had to keep my mouth shut until now. Boy, is THAT always hard for me. 😉

It’s a really interesting idea, having these scenes competing against each other each week. I’m looking forward to reading and voting on more of these in the future.

Now to find out next Friday if poor Philip was voted as having the most gut-wrenching dilemma.

My Glorious New Book Cover

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

I’m planning to make my first book, IN HONOR BOUND, available on Kindle. Since I own the rights to my words but not to the cover of the Crossway edition of the book, I needed a new cover.

Jeff Gerke of Where the Map Ends and Marcher Lord Press designed this absolutely perfect cover for me. The painting is John William Waterhouse’s “Fair Rosamund,” painted in 1905. It reminds me of the opening scene in the book where Rosalynde gets her first glimpse of Philip from her tower window.

In Honor Bound

Isn’t it gorgeous? Click HERE to get more information about Jeff’s cover design and other editorial services.

Thanks, Jeff!

A Wonderful Crafting Site!

Thursday, January 13th, 2011

Sandy just redid her website, and it’s lovely.

It’s called Keepsake Crafts and evidently if it’s handmade, she makes it: beads and jewelry, cards, crafts, quilting, scrapbooking, sewing, photography and who knows what all! She even writes books, and her husband is a carpenter.

How does she do it all?

Well worth a visit!

Deuteronomy? Really?

Monday, January 10th, 2011

Okay, I have to admit it, I don’t always enjoy the Old Testament. Yes, I read through the entire Bible over the course of each two years, but some of the begats and the lists of what’s clean and unclean and how some particular “-ites” were detestable in the eyes of the Lord don’t usually give me the warm fuzzies.

Yes, definitely, all of it is there for our edification, and that’s why I read it each and every time, but it’s not usually my favorite.

However, Robin Hardy (a much wiser person than I) has written a brilliant post on the book of Deuteronomy that has made me look at it in a whole different way.

Everything we need to know about life is in the book of Deuteronomy? I’m thinking she may have something here.

Have Fun And Win Free Stuff!

Sunday, January 2nd, 2011

Don’t you love scavenger hunts?

Don’t you love good-smelling free stuff?

Here’s a chance to be a part of both!

Marie at Naked Soaps makes the most luscious soaps. And now she’s having a scavenger hunt with some of her heavenly smelling products as prizes.

Check it out HERE.