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A Prayer For America

Tuesday, November 6th, 2012


On this Election Day, I hope you will all pray for our country.  She desperately needs it.  I love this from author Nancy Mehl (


Dear Lord,

We bring the needs of our nation before You. Help us, Oh God, to be a place where Your light shines out to the whole world. A place where You are honored and evil buckles under the glory of Your love and grace. May we be peacemakers. May we love the unlovely and forgive those who would try to turn hearts against You. May we be a nation that is blessed because You are lifted up. Please God, give us hearts that beat with Your compassion and grace – not with judgment and anger. Help us to protect life, reach out to the poor, and offer hope where there is none.

 May the church take her place as Your hands and Your heart in a hurting world.

 We love you, Lord.

 In the name of Jesus we pray,