Better to See You by Gail Gaymer Martin


A Romantic Suspense Based on a Fairytale

Visiting her ailing grandmother in the fairytale-like German town, Lucy Blair plans to be a caregiver during her grandma’s illness and attend the world-renowned theater production of the Passion of Christ. What Lucy did not plan was to run into her old college boyfriend, Ron Woodson, who is in Germany to learn woodcarving for his furniture making business. Will their meeting rekindle the old flame or will the past smother the new spark?


I thoroughly enjoyed this story. I grew attached to the characters, and I found it entertaining and captivating! Gail does a superb job in writing this inspiring love story. You will not be disappointed, but blessed, if you read this love story of Lucy and Ron. Reviewer: J. Smith

Fairy tales are all about happily ever afters. I love Gail Gaymer Martin’s fairy tale inspired story because the hea and the journey there is better than any fairy tale. Mrs. Martin’s characters come to life and Lucy and Ron are much deeper than any fairy tale heroine or hero. It’s a perfect story for the Christmas season or to read while sunning on the beach. Reviewer: H. Harden “cowgirl”

I absolutely loved this book. It was a sweet story about rediscovered love and redemption. I highly recommend it to anyone, especially Christians who will especially enjoy this tender story. Reviewer: D. Lopatka

I just love fairy tales! Don’t you? Sweet story of romance and the happily ever after. I loved the characters and felt like Gail did a great job in creating them. I loved her love of the Lord showed throughout the book. This is a great Christian romance. Look forward to more by Gail Gaymer Martin. Reviewer: Diana Montgomery

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About the author:

Multi-award winning, Gail Gaymer Martin, named one of the best novelists in the Detroit area by CBS local news, has fifty-five published novels and four million books sold. Gail is the author of Writers Digest=s Writing the Christian Romance. She is a keynote speaker and teaches writing fiction throughout the U.S. Gail is a co-founder of American Christian Fiction Writers and a member of Christian Author Network, Advanced Writers and Speakers Association and Romance Writers of America.

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