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“Better is a dinner of herbs where love is than a stalled ox and hatred therewith.”
Proverbs 15:17

Despite the ever present threat of Civil War, Travis Markham sees nothing in his future but tranquil happiness with his fiancée, Sarah Franklin. Inevitably, the war does come and Travis goes to fight for the South believing, along with everyone else, that this war could not last more than a few months. As the months drag into years, Travis realizes that even his next day is not promised to him. He asks Sarah to marry him at once, so they can be together for the little time he might have left, but Sarah refuses him, afraid that, like thousands of young men before him, he might be crippled or killed. Hurt and heartbroken, Travis rashly marries her cousin, Amy Bondurant, but his immediate regret cannot change the truth. His future with Sarah is forever gone.

When the war finally ends, taking with it the only life he has ever known, Travis must make a choice: Does he go home to the wife he doesn’t love and the child he has never seen? Does he go home to the woman he’s dreamed of every lonely night during the war? Or does he not go home at all? (READ MORE)

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