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Once again, The Stars will be an unknown quantity for the upcoming season.

The short 2013 season was a roller coaster ride, totally unpredictable, and unsettling to say the least. Fun, yes, but scary, too.

After missing the playoffs for the fifth year in a row, something that has never happened before in franchise history, the Stars ought to be raring to go come October.

Who will be in the 2013-2014 Dallas Stars lineup? I'll get back to you after the summer's over.

Once again, it's going to be exciting!



The 2013 Dallas Stars had their ups and downs, but there's no denying that their up-and-coming young players were one of the bright spots in a sometimes-frustrating season.

Those of us who have followed the Stars since before their Championship Season in 1999 have been wondering who will take the place of the retiring and traded fan favorites who have brought us so much enjoyment over the past decade and more. But I believe we're seeing some of those new and bright lights already on the team.

Brenden Dillon, Alex Chaisson, Cody Eakin and scrappy Antoine Roussel have already made their mark on the team and given us some really exciting hockey!

These are just a few examples of young players who have shown great promise early in their careers. With free agency and potential trades coming up this summer, it's hard to tell what the team will be like in the coming season, but a new season is always exciting.

Here's to 2013-2014 and the return of the Stars to the top of the league!

Go Stars!


From his rookie Cup win in 1989 in Calgary to his dazzling Conn Smythe performance in Dallas' Stanley Cup victory in 1999 to his determined veteran presence on the 2003 New Jersey Cup team and his heart and soul play for Toronto, Joey has always been the epitome of dedication, skill and sportsmanship. If I had my way, he would still be a Dallas Star!

Now he's retired, but he's come back to the team as GM!


Marty was one of the most talented goalies in the NHL. His ability to play the puck like a third defenseman gave the Stars a great advantage over other teams. And he wasn't afraid to challenge a skater coming into his crease on a breakaway. If it took a pokecheck, a tackle or a punch to the jaw (bad, Marty!) he'd try to keep the puck out of the net. His 1.72 GAA in 2002-2003 should have won him the Vezina that year, and his three shutouts against the Vancouver Cauncks in the first round of the 2007 playoffs tied an NHL record, , and his winning play against Anaheim and San Jose in the 2008 playoffs showed what an outstanding netminder he was!



Of course, what Stars page would be complete without the Golden Brett? Brett Hull wasn't with the Stars long enough, but while he was here, he scored the Stars' most famous goal, the "skate-in-the-crease-Cup-winning-triple- overtime-in-Game-Six-of- the-1999-Stanley-Cup-final" goal that brought Dallas its first and hopefully not last NHL Championship.

One last time for Buffalo and Lindy Ruff: Possession of the puck does not change upon contact with a goaltender. Hull had possession BEFORE he entered the crease, therefore he still had possession and the right to be in the crease when he scored. Stop whining.

Now Hullie's the Stars' Co-GM



Modano is easily the most recognizable name in Dallas Stars history. The face of the team and its Captain, Mike is a leader on the ice and in the community. In 2007, Mike passed Joey Mullen to become the most prolific American-born goal scorer in NHL history and later that year set the record for points scored by someone born in the USA.



Matty isn't a Star anymore, but he was always a delight to watch on defense - especially when putting Peter Forsberg in his place (his place, of course, being on his backside on the ice).


Probably the most cerebral of the Dallas Stars, Sergei Zubov has proved himself a master of the power play, reliable in the shootout, and unflappable under pressure. For proof of the iced Vodka in his veins, one need look no further than one memorable game against the Carolina Hurricanes. The Stars were about to be shutout and, with almost no time left in regulation, Zubov calmly steered the puck around flailing Carolina defenders and scored to send the game into overtime with only a fraction of a second to go. Then, with only seconds left in overtime, he scored again, and Dallas won the game. Zubie IS the Sultan of Sagacity and the Prince of Percipience!


In his rookie season, Jussi Jokinen proved himself to be a deadly sniper one-on-one. He has participated in all of Dallas's shootouts and, like the Stars, ended up with a league-best 10 for 13 record. He was especially stellar in a recent game against the Edmonton Oilers where he scored on a penalty shot against one of their goalies and then scored in the shootout against another of their goalies. Two goals against two different goalies in one game. Jussi is amazing! Sadly, he was traded to Tampa Bay in 2008, but he was picked up by Carolina and has been amazing for them in the playoffs..

I'll be adding more of my favorite Dallas Stars, old and new, to this page. GO STARS!!
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