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Here at last are some pictures of the five baby barn swallows nesting on my front porch. They're up kind of high and in an awkward place, so it's been hard to get pictures. Now that they're bigger, they don't really fit into the nest anymore, so I could get some pictures. And, yes, somehow, there are five of them in there!
You can see one baby very clearly here, but there's another one to the left of it. You can just see its eye and beak.
I don't know how they all fit in there, but I've seen them stretch their wings and trade places. Somehow Mommy and Daddy keep them all fed.
There's certainly no room in this inn!
"Will you please go away and quit flashing that bright light in our eyes?"

I've been watching them since their parents started building the nest. Now they're about to leave home, and I know I'm going to miss them.

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